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With the current chaotic state of the real estate market, it is more difficult than ever to sell a home. Some homeowners have had the same property sitting on the market for more than five years. They continue to pay for utilities at the home, they pay for listing fees, and they pay to stage the home on a regular basis. Yet, despite their continual and expensive efforts, their home gains very little interest.

If a home has been sitting on the market for a month or two, then it may not be long enough to warrant any serious concern. But once your listing has passed the six-month mark it is time to consider alternative options. At some point, that property you are trying to sell is going to become a big burden. And for some people, it is already past that point.

This problem is even more severe if you are in need of money quickly. Perhaps you are moving to another state or maybe you need to finish paying off another property. In either case, having a home that is sitting on the market and draining your wallet isn’t helping the situation at all. Luckily, we have a solution that may interest you.

We Buy Houses For Cash

Our company specializes in purchasing homes outright for cash in a quick and fair manner. This benefits you because you get a cash offer for your home and don’t have to wait for it to sell. And it benefits us because we can acquire properties slightly below their market value. It’s a win-win situation that makes perfect sense if you’re tired of waiting for that home to sell.

What are some of the top reasons that a home does not sell?
They are as follows:

  • More curb appeal is needed.
  • House needs renovations.
  • Repairs are needed.
  • Sub-par real estate agent.
  • The house has old appliances.

These are just five of the main reasons why a home can sit on the market for a while without selling. Unfortunately, the only solution for each of these problems is to throw more money into the property.

Whether that means hiring a more expensive real estate agent, paying for a major renovation, upgrading all of the appliances, repairing damaged parts of the home, or paying for landscaping services. In any case, it’s going to be expensive.

We buy houses without worrying about any of the problems mentioned above.

You do not need to pay for landscaping, repairs, renovations, appliances, or a real estate agent when dealing with our company.

In time, we may pay for those things or we may sell the home to an investor who will handle those needs. Either way, we take those burdens off of your shoulders and let you focus on what to do with the money you have made.

You Save When We Buy Houses

The five real estate problems mentioned earlier are only a few of the ways that selling a home can quickly become an expensive endeavor. But there are other ways that expenses can accumulate over time. The longer you leave a property on the market hoping that it will sell the greater these expenses will become.

Some of them will be paid as you go and others will be compounded into the closing costs. They include:

  • Listing fees.
  • Taxes
  • Insurance

Once again, you needn’t pay for any of these fees if you have already sold the property. As soon as you sell your home for cash you no longer need to worry about the lawn care, utilities, or property taxes. Contact our office today if you’re interested in what you could receive for your house.

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