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Finding The Best Probate Real Estate Agent For Your Needs

probate real estate agent

Since the services and skills of a probate real estate agent differ from those of a traditional estate agent, knowing how to find an agent that can care for your needs appropriately is very important.

You may be aware of several probate real estate agents in your area, however, how can you choose the best one for your personal situation?

Here come a few tips that should get you started:

Prepare A Shortlist

Firstly, prepare a shortlist of probate real estate agents who may be good options for your needs. The best way to do this is to ask around among family, friends, colleagues and so forth, for good recommendations.

Even if people in your circle have not recently used the services of a probate real estate agent, they may know of somebody who has. Remember, the more people you ask, the better chance you stand of building a solid shortlist.

Know The Right Questions To Ask

Once you have a shortlist in place, it’s time to make contact with each agent so that you can make an informed comparison. What type of questions should you ask? The questions below may prove to be useful.

Have you sold a property before through probate?

They may give you a simple ‘yes’ answer, but be sure to push for a few more details. You want to know how much of their experience has been in the field of probate and how skilled they are in this area.

How many years have you been involved in probate real estate?

The answer to this question should help you to gauge whether the agent really has the experience they need to make a success of your current situation.

This is a specialized area and an agent should be familiar with the Probate Code, have good negotiation skills and generally have a good feel for the marketplace.

Can you describe the difference between a probate real estate process and a traditional real estate process?

Even though you may be a little knowledgeable in the subject already, asking the agent to explain it to you will give you a sense of their communication skills, a vital aspect of the whole process.

The agent should describe their familiarity with court protocols and help you to understand the process in a simple way.

Why are you the best probate real estate agent for my needs?

This gives the agent the chance to sell themselves. If they don’t seem to put much effort of passion into their pitch then they may not be the right choice for you.

Remember, the work of a probate estate agent requires excellent negotiation skills, if they fail to use such skills on you successfully, they may not confidently be able to use them when it really counts.

May I see your references?

A good and reputable probate real estate agent should not have any problem providing all the references you like to back up their professional and reputable position.

Of course, if an agent seems hesitant or unwilling to provide you with such references you are probably better simply striking them off the shortlist.

Indeed the work of a probate real estate agent is a specialized and challenging one. By finding an agent who is experienced, passionate and highly skilled, you are well on the way to success.

To help you find the best agent be sure to ask around for recommendations and then know the right questions to ask to make a good comparison. Granted, this may take a little time and effort, but the results can be very well worthwhile.

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